Lasso, UT's Large-scale, Multi-touch Display

Testing the University's large-scale, multi-touch display was the first experience I had testing a piece of equipment, rather than a website.  The most frustrating challenge was not developing the test itself, but orchestrating it—not only because it was a different kind of technology, but because we tested three users at a time.  Coordinating everyone's schedules and working with the staff at the Texas Advanced Computing Center felt overwhelming at times.  Being the most extroverted person on my team, though, was extremely useful in this regard.  I learned that not only could I contribute to test planning and design, I could orchestrate the logistics of it as well, which can be—as I learned—half the battle of usability testing!



Henna Kim, Carlos Duarte, Yeolib Kim

My Role

Completed much of the literature review; helped develop task scenarios; recruited test participants from a conveniences sample of university staff and graduate students; coordinated test schedule; conducted tests; observed testing and recorded observations; identified overall usability themes and problems; contributed to the final paper.

 Test participants using  Lasso

Test participants using Lasso