Writing and Editing

I write the way I design and test—with the user in mind.  Words are not useful, after all, unless people can understand them.  So when I write, I keep my audience in mind.  I think about what all writers think about: diction, grammar, and punctuation.  But as someone who largely works in the Web world, I think of form as well.  One question I always ask myself is, "Is this page of content overwhelming to read?"  If it is, I organize content into manageable chunks.  I utilize lists when I can, and I craft meaningful headings and titles.  I think about how the content should be presented on a page, and I consider how that content could be re-purposed on another page.  If content is king, as the saying goes, then form is its queen, and I try to reflect that in everything I write.

Editing is part and parcel to writing.  Everyone needs an editor—even editors!  And so I do the same with editing.  I keep my audience in mind, and I do my best to be as clear (and as tactful) as possible.

Here are some examples of my work:


Academic Papers



Web Content