Writing and Editing


UT Libraries Presentation and Blog

In my graduate research position at UT Libraries, I presented an informal seminar to library Web authors about how to write for the Web.  I re-purposed the presentation into a short post for my team's blog: Writing for the Web.


Habitat for Humanity Web Content

I edited nearly all copy on Habitat.org, including homepage features and e-newsletters.  Some pages, such as the History of Habitat Photo Timeline, required heavy editing and re-writing.  For the Timeline pages, I also had to choose and edit corresponding photos.

I also wrote homepage feature guidelines for the organization.  This document, created with the graphic designer, was the official guide for homepage feature content: Homepage Standards (PDF 782 KB).



Centers for Disease Control Web Content

While developing pages for The Centers for Disease Control's Adolescent and School Health Web site, I thoroughly edited the copy that scientists and subject matter experts gave me before it was published.  I also edited specific pages and sections of the site, such as Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, Funded Partners, and For Funded Partners.


University of West Georgia Web Content

I edited news articles for the University's Communication and Marketing Department and all content for Publications and Printing.