Volunteer Austin

Based on user interviews and heuristic evaluations of existing volunteer Web sites that serve the Austin area, my project partner and I addressed four areas that are essential to the development of an improved volunteer aggregator:

Enhanced user experience—avoid organizational jargon, use descriptive labels, implement breadcrumbs, and create a minimalist design.

  • Improved search features—provide three ways for users to find volunteer opportunities: keyword search, calendar, or browse by category or social group.
  • Relevant content—provide an easy way for them to post or read volunteer reviews of organizations or opportunities
  • Engaged users—clearly define the benefits of registration, requiring registration for only three distinct features (i.e., review and opportunity submissions and e-mail alerts), and making the registration process and form easy to understand and use.



Kirk Yoshida

My Role

reated the initial mission and vision of the project; conducted heuristic evaluations and user interviews; designed all wireframes; conducted usability tests; developed final prototype using Drupal; contributed to design document; presented project to professor and classmates.

Our homepage in Drupal

Our homepage in Drupal