UT Life Science Library

The person in charge of keeping the library's website up-to-date was trained as a librarian, and although she has limited experience with web development, the website is very organized and user-friendly.  She understands, however, that websites need to be re-designed every once in a while, and she wanted to move her pages into Drupal for easier editing and standardization.  After talking to her and reviewing some of the other Drupal sites within UT Libraries, she and I decided on a set of requirements.  I created a wireframe based on those requirements, and with the help of the Drupal guru in my department, I am currently building the site.


My Role

Managed project from start to finish; interviewed stakeholders and discussed user needs and university requirements; developed wireframe; implemented the design into Drupal 7.


Wireframe for the Life Science Library homepage  

Wireframe for the Life Science Library homepage