UT Libraries

My colleague and I began this project by requesting information from the librarians who oversee the UT Libraries Help Desks.  They sent us a week's worth of questions—about 400.  I codified each question, and based on that analysis, I developed thirty possible tasks for users to complete.  We took this list to the Libraries Website Working Group (a group of about 15 library staff) and reviewed it question-by-question until we had 26 final test questions.  We recruited participants through an ad in a university-wide events e-mail, and after a pre-test screening questionnaire based on demographic information, we tested a mix of 12 undergraduate and graduate students.  Each participant completed 13 tasks.

After the testing was complete, my colleague and I recorded our notes and reviewed the test videos to identify overall themes and problems with the design of the current site.  With that information, we created a test report presentation, where we suggested possible solutions to each usability problem.



Jade Diaz

My Role

reated test questions; observed testing and asked follow-up questions; recorded observations; edited video recordings using Camtasia; identified overall usability themes and problems; suggested solutions for such problems; reviewed report presentation.

Current UT Libraries website

Current UT Libraries website