UT iSchool Website Redesign

The School of Information website serves current and prospective students, faculty, and alumni.  Based on the needs of these user groups, we focused on three aspects of design:

  • Information Architecture—By reorganizing content within the About, Faculty, and Research sections, new users—particularly prospective students—can easily find relevant information.
  • Site Layout and Visual Design—We added photos of the school building itself to give users a concrete and vivid impression of the school.  New colors were introduced to modularize content chunks and create an engaging look and feel.
  • Interactivity—An accordion-style navigation, rotating homepage features, and a dynamic sorting option for the faculty and staff directory made the redesign engaging and user-friendly.

(See the iSchool website before our redesign proposal.)



Doug Shuga, Hua-Shu Chang, Liyun Huang, Peter Zhang

My Role

Conducted user studies; developed the information architecture; collapsed Labs content into Technology section and created HTML files for this section; created HTML files for Current Students and Alumni sections; wrote captions for homepage feature images; contributed to poster content and report.

Our redesigned homepage

Our redesigned homepage